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We offer training for intern psychologists.


Do you work in the field of Trauma or Addiction treatment?  

Would you like to fulfil your CPD requirements with experiential training in an effective treatment protocol?  

Are you willing to invest 5 days to undertake in-person training?


Download addiction treatment training timetable


The InterACT Programme is a treatment protocol specifically targeting the addicted brain. It links the psycho-education of current neuroscience with cognitive therapy and the therapeutic principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy. It is an inter-personal (group based) treatment method which lays the foundation for a solid self-help recovery process, and it moves participants through Prochaska & DiClemente’s (1982) stages of change from a contemplative state to the maintenance stage.

It aims to break the pathological attachment to the intoxicated state and the various defensive processes that protect that attachment.

The  approach  is  based  on  the  Interact  therapy  programme  devised  by  psychologist  Jim Maclaine in the 1980’s. A programme that successfully treated thousands of patients with addictions and emotional disturbances for several decades in Australian accredited private hospitals. It has its roots in the developmental psychology of Jean Piaget (1950) and the metaphysical philosophies of P. F Strawson (1954) and L. Wittgenstein (1953).

The InterACT programme offers strategies for addressing obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours associated with addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, screens, gaming, sex and love as well as over eating, co-dependence, depression and social isolation.

the trainers

Melinda L. Lake is a psychologist and author with more than 20 years’ experience in Drug and Alcohol treatment and who gained board approved supervisor status in 2009.

She has worked in both the public & private mental health sectors and is the founder of Re-psycle, a psychology practice specializing in individual & group treatment for addictive disorders established in 2000.

Melinda is the co-founder of Australian Recovery Centres, a health promotion charity whose mission is to establish Recovery Centres Australia wide. Australian Recovery's primary purpose is to show Australians how to step out of addictive mental patterns to re-join the natural environment and each other.

Melinda has been a consultant psychologist for the NSW Alcohol & Drug Foundation's rehabilitation service for mothers and babies and clinical staff supervisor at Guthrie House - a transition service for women with drug histories currently involved in the criminal justice system. She has many years’ experience in private psychiatric hospitals including St. Edmund’s, Northside and South Pacific Private.


Cost per participant: Total 5 day package: $3,650.  Maximum 10 participants / 6 for PACFA CPD's.

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