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The interior of the Australian  Recovery Centre, an award winning design



Australian Recovery Centres is a not-for-profit organisation, it is a charity with full deductible gift status whose primary purpose is to promote the health of Australians.
How we came to be:

In the year 2000 a young psychologist working for the Mental Health Association in Sydney was offered her first proper hospital job at St Edmund’s Private Hospital in Eastwood and began working under the clinical guidance of a rather enigmatic senior psychologist Jim Maclaine, click the video below to hear her story.

about our board

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about our logo

The Australian Recovery Centres Logo was designed by Graphic Designer Joshua Fairfax and this is what he has to say about it…..


The logo is made up of a series of triangles. Triangles are the strongest support structure in engineering and represent the strength of the support to be found in group therapy. The idea of the triangle was inspired by the shape of the mountain lodge as it sits in the native bush environment and the giant triangular beams supporting the interior.

The rainbow colours have been incorporated to represent the different perspectives of the group members, as if their view of life is seen through a particular shade of glass. 

The colours lighten each other where they overlap and tend towards white in the centre as happens in the light spectrum.  This is reflective of the way different ideas, experiences and perspectives within the group illuminate blind-spots and shine light on the views of each other.  Coloured veils that alter perspectives are lifted and a clearer view of life and self is attained.

The various triangles together loosely depict the shape of the map of Australia with Tasmania incorporated into the whole representing unification.


So in summary the logo represents; strong support, different perspectives working together, clarity and unification.  What’s that if not Recovery?

Austrlain Recovery Centres logo
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